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IEEE Activities

 Noteable events by our Student Branch


IEEE SB GECI as part of the IEEE Day Celebrations, conducted Jumanji, which was an online treasure hunt. The main idea behind the event was to bring a feeling of togetherness among the new members in the student branch. The event was a grand success as it resulted in an amazing participation from our members.


IEEE KOCHI HUB in association with IEEE SB GECI as part of the KHM War conducted Cracker Jack, an event to showcase the technical logic as well as the creative skills of the participants Cracker Jack was conducted in five rounds. A total of 96 members registered for Cracker Jack and there was an active participation of 38 members throughout the event.

Tricky Circuit

IEEE PES SBC GECI conducted the event 'Tricky Circuit' on 3rd October 2020. The basic idea of the event was to design a circuit by solving the given puzzle within 5 hours. Name of the circuit to be designed was obtained from the puzzle. The winner was selected based on the time of completion and correctness of circuit. Winner got the privilege of a one month netflix subscription as the prize.

Women in Entrepreneurship & Engineering - Talk Session

Women In Engineering is an Affinity Group of IEEE SB GECI that is committed to encourage and inspire girl students in the field of engineering. On 23rd June 2020, WIE organized a talk session by Mrs. Stephanie Slocum, engineer-author, where she spoke about the opportunities for women in entrepreneurship and in engineering. 

Techinter, a mock interview competition

Techinter was another event conducted by the student branch in association with WIE on the 14th of August 2020. Techinter tested the confidence, personality and interview skills of the participants.



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